3 weeks puppies


Puppy Evolution – 3 weeks puppies

The puppy can carry his weight on his hind legs. The development of the nervous system allows him to coordinate his movements. He can sit.

He starts to regulate his temperature (the minimum rectal temperature of the puppy should now be between 36 ° C and 38 ° C). He does not need to stay snuggled against her mother and the rest of the sibling. His senses (especially sight and hearing) are increasingly effective and begins to explore the nest.

Even if the mother dog continues to stimulate elimination in his puppies, they gradually learn to “hold it” for their pee and poop out of their nest.

Puppies still have their labial reflex, but they begin to lick the food from their mother. Milk teeth begin to emerge.

Regarding lactation, the mother dog is at her peak milk production.

For this litter, as Shiva have 12 puppies I help her to feed them. I use a baby biberon with puppy milk replacement, I like this one: Petlac Milk Powder for puppies – then it’s really relaxing to give them food and look how they behave. Some like it or some just want Shiva milk.

Also as Shiva starts not wanting them to eat her mil anymore, I started mixing Petlac milk with puppies dry food and I was surprised to see that they are very advance for their age… Malinois are so smarts!

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