4 weeks puppies

puppy malinois for sale

Feeding puppies

Wmalinois puppies eatingith the release of milk teeth, breastfeeding becomes painful for the mother. Milk production begins to decline. It is time to offer puppies solid food, such as dry puppies food from Taste of The Wild rehydrated in a little warm water or formula (Milk replacement).

First, the puppies start mostly playing with food. It’s important to invite them for several small meals a day.

Evolution puppies

The puppy moves on its four legs. Be sure to keep very clean environment because of serious exploration period will start! The minimum temperature should be between 36 ° C and 38 ° C.


Every sense of the puppy are now well developed. It can discover new environments and new animal species. The role of the mother (or breeder if the dog can not play its role) is essential: it teaches the puppy to control its bites, to communicate with other dogs (Learning submitting expressions or appeasement).

This is when the puppy should be contacted (of course gradually) with all situations they will encounter in life: animals (horses, cows, cats, chickens …), different people (people color, children, elderly …), noisy situations (radio, TV, vacuum cleaner, car …), frequented places (railway station, market …). This phase of socialization is important for the adult dog is balanced, neither nervous nor aggressive. But I will write more about socialisation on an other post.

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