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Your dog ate your new sofa , ripped the living room carpet , shredded your favorite pair of jeans , and finally relieving himself on the floor of the bathroom! He greeted you guiltily … Or worse, as if nothing had happened ! Also, your neighbors call you to alert you that barked all afternoon !


This picture makes me laugh however even if I never been in this extreme situation, it is real! This can be your new sofa if you don’t train your dog to be independent….

Symptoms of canine separation anxiety:

 –        Incessant barking or howling

–        Destruction points near exits (doors, windows )

–        Destruction of familiar objects to the owner (shoes , sheets )

–        Excitement to the owner ‘s return

–        Excessive panting and / or excessive salivation or Hyper vigilance, Uncleanliness Stress when anticipation at the owner departure

–        Excessive loss of hair Escapes ( cage , garden , house) excessive water consumption

–        Follows its owner everywhere without stopping

–        Do not eat when alone

My own experience with Separation Anxiety:

After reading several articles, I do understand why Sky is always glue to me: it is a form of Separation anxiety as well as hyper-attachment and it is true that when I leave the house he starts barking. Also Shiva is really anxious, she would destroy everything (wall, toys… Anything!). Now that she had her puppies she is quieter and I hope it is going to last for ever! However I made my investigation about this psychological trouble because it can become a huge handicap.

Anyway I do also undersand that I made them this way, if Sky is hyper-attached to me it is because I provided him too much attention and spoiled him. Regarding Shiva I think that my biggest mistake when she was 3 to 6 month was that I took her everywhere with me! Even at work , therefore she never learnt to be alone. And before she had her litter I couldn’t leave the house, she had to be in a kennel outside and even that she was digging or jumping to escape and meet me! So now that I have a new puppy home I am planning to meet a behaviorist and trainer in order to have a peaceful cohabitation even if they are better now it is never a luxe to meet a behaviorist.

Keep your distance to avoid separation anxiety!

From a young age, the mother teaches her puppies to separate gradually from her. She does not respond to all requests, requires him to sleep away from her, pushes it glue. Thus, at puberty, the puppy is definitely detached and saw his adult life in the hierarchy in the family system. Upon arrival in a new home, the puppy attaches quickly to one or more individuals. The owners often make the mistake of too much “spoil” the puppy. They pet and cuddle as soon as the puppy demands, and give it the dominant powers such as to let him eat first when watching him and accept he sleeps in height on the couch, on the bed “He’s so cute!” Yes he is, however, this may have consequences for the future life with your puppy. When acting this way, the puppy do not perform the detachment necessary to be independent. Therefore, when the dog sees his owner going out, he becomes anxious and hyper-obvious distress destroying and barking. In a word, he is dependent on his owner!

What to do to avoid Separation Anxiety?

If your dog is already anxious when you leave, you have, little by little, teach him to be independent of you:

To do :

  • Entertain him: provide adequate exercise is a good start. A bored dog or if he is too full of energy can show symptoms of anxiety that actually are not! Let him something to entertain in your absence: kongs, interactive games, bones.
  • Let the music: sometimes outside noise can stimulate anxiety.
  • He has to sleep in another room.
  • Break the rituals of departure and return: before leaving, ignore your dog for half an hour, so he does not associate the leaving with no contact between you.

You must do the same on your return: if he is jump everywhere to welcome you, ask him to go to bed in his basket, and pet him on your own, half an hour later.

  • Record when you are absent: this will give you a good idea of his comings and goings as well as its behavior. This will also help to talk to your teacher.

Not to do :

  • Leaving without your dog realizes it: by doing this you ‘lying’ to your dog and as in any relationship, lies breaks trust. You might as well increase your dog hyper vigilance.
  • Get angry returning or punish your dog. Remember that these are panic attacks and your dog does more control in your absence, he is not himself.
  • Using bark control tools (citronella collar, electric collar or vibration): it is only hiding a symptom that is anxiety, therefore you don’t help your dog to cure. Also, your dog may be self-injured.
  • Adopt another dog: it is a double-edged swor, you can find yourself with not one but two dogs with anxiety!
  • Do not allow him to spend the night with you on the bed or even in the room.
  • Do not always meet the demands of the dog when he comes to pick caresses, but then call him to play, pet him even if it is only few minutes after you push him away. It’s always you who must initiate contact with the dog.
  • Do not accept he is always behind you and sometimes send him in his basket so it will not be in the same room as you.
  • If he cries, do not answer it, even to reprimand because it will associate your return to his cries, not a reprimand! Therefore he will keep doing it.
  • If the dog does damage, do not scold him and do not clean in front of him, he would not understand and would be more anxious.

If this doesn’t work and that the barking of your dog creates trouble with your neighbors, it is better to meet a behaviorist or veterinary in order to find the best way to cure him. Some natural medicines exists to help him learn the separation easily.


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beware of dog malinois

Small dog vs Big dog biting!

I do not agree on the fact that because the Belgian Malinois is a big dog or a dog that likes biting in training, that he is more dangerous than a small dog. Actually I believe that all depends on the obedience and the training you provide to your dog. A small poodle dog not trained can be much more dangerous than a Belgian Malinois well trained! So we can leave that gossip part to the “Urban Legends”!

Biting training

Regarding my experience with my own dogs, Sky was trained with Police and I taught him to bite, which everybody around me (inexperienced friends or family) told me that I was crazy to teach him that…. I totally disagree on this point! A dog knows how to bite no matter what, it is in his instinct, so teaching him how to control his bite and stop is much better than let him experienced that by himself on the wrong person! Anyway, this was my choice. I decide to go to the most experienced trainers (police) to do that and I highly recommend to never teaching your dog to bite by yourself. It has to be always secure with a professional that have special equipment too. Besides, I decided to teach the biting to Sky when I was learning French Ring and it is an important part of this sport. By the way it is an amazing sport and I would love to do it again here in Florida. I will write about that sport another day.

A dog is a dog

That said to tell you I never had biting situation with my Malinois, Sky. But keep in mind that a dog is still a dog and you cannot force an animal to act the same way as a human. There is some situation that I understand I have to adapt to my dogs in order for them to not being aggressive: of course Sky is jealous and protective… He doesn’t like anybody to grab me or hug me too much. It even happened that he pinches some of my friends / boyfriend when they try to carry me in front of him. It is my fault! Not because he is trained to bite but because I shouldn’t put him in this situation. Then I know I have to be careful and warn my friends “do not do that, he is going to bite you”… When my Malinois, Sky, pinches somebody in this situation, I cannot be mad at him because this is his instinct of protection. He pinched them to warn. Keep in mind that a dog who wants to bite: bites! And this can be dramatic. Sky is not aggressive he is just a good protective dog.

So regarding biting I wouldn’t say that Sky who was trained for that purpose in French Ring is more dangerous than another dog that was never trained.

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If you are the lucky owner of one of my puppy you should not really worried about that because the puppies are used to water since they are little. I use a baby pool in the middle of the garden then when it is too hot (Miami summer !) they go by themselves in the pool and it is very funny to see.

I did welcome one puppy of the litter in my family, I couldn’t hold myself … They are so cute and I love them so much! His name was Milan and now he is Manzo. So I will have 2 malinois males and 1 female: Sky, Manzo and Shiva. It might look too much for some people 3 big dogs, but honestly 2 or 3 dogs it is quite the same.

So for the beach I train myself my new puppy and I should say that I was really impressed by his behavior, he is a warrior nothing scare him! He followed me little by little in the ocean and even swim with his little feets… Adorable! But I know that it is only the first time and I will have to repeat that situation several to make sure he is confident in water.

Tips to get your puppy becomes water friendly:

1.You need to familiarize gradually the dog with water. No way to splash upon its approach because your puppy will negatively associated water. The first experiment must be absolutely positive to evolve in the following steps .

2. Start up close to the water with encouragement, your dog might seem not very enthusiastic. If your 4 legged companion has a very hesitant behavior, then do not hesitate to slow down the learning , and repeat the first step later.

3. The next step is to dip your dog’s paws in the water without forcing him. Leave him quietly test the water by moving progressively with him. Feel free to encourage by offering some tasty treats or a floating toy.

4. Having successfully managed to make him put his legs in the water, you can just walk into the water. Remember that you are supposed to be the leader of your dog . You are the one who secures who shows the example to follow and rewards in good times . This is how your dog will be more relaxed and comfortable with the water. Talk to him with a soft voice ( ” good boy” ) and move forward little by little in the water and do not try to go too fast.

5. When your dog’s feet leave the bottom of the water for the first time , get ready to analyze his reaction. Some dogs might begin by panic with a lack of technique then splash with the front legs , which drains quickly their body energy. If you see that he is doing great and his a good swimmer, then praise him ! Otherwise , place a hand at the chest and the other under the belly of your dog. Walk with him now and support him until he is comfortable to manage swimming without your help. If he starts to swim by controlling , release him slowly.

A dog life jacket

 The dogs have no concept of depth , so for her safety , I recommend you to equip your companion in a life jacket for dog especially if you go in the middle of the ocean. It is not because he is a dog that can not flow .

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer of faintness such as cramps … and even the best swimmers are not immune, so keep a very watchful eye.


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puppy malinois


Potty Train your puppy

The first week are hards, get ready to clean and clean and… clean!

Do not get angry with your puppy if he poops or pee in the house – it might feel threatened . Whenever possible, teach him quickly to the outside. You can start with Potty-pads and also take it out every hour, especially when he wakes up, after every meal and after playing. Reward with lots of hugs whenever he or she poops out and always say “good boy/ good girl”. If you need to leave him alone and you do not have a choice, let the potty-pad sor educational mat for puppies close to his doghouse then move it everyday, little by little close to the outside door. When they were puppyn Sky and Shiva learnt very fast to be clean, however I woke up several time at night ( put my alarm clock every 3 hours) to take them out.

Puppy crying at night

Be ready to not sleep well the first weeks! This is like having a baby … Put your puppy to sleep after diner, playing and walking out…

I recommend that you get your puppy used to be in the Vari Kennel. It needs to be place close to you with toys in a place where he can see you doing some activities (kitchen, living room…). Start to place him few minutes in the Vari Kennel, then if he is quite, open the door and let him out… Repeat this action few times little by little and longer everytime.

Your puppy needs to understand that his Kennel is a secure place for him. If he doesn’t want to go inside, place some food or toys to attract him and let the door open. Sometime redo the same action with foods or toys but close the door few minutes… And always let a towel with the smell of his old doghouse or a clothes with your smell inside.

The first nights, the puppy will be very noisy: bark and cry at night. Do not open the kennel when he is crying, never! Always wait that he is quiet to go and see him or open the kennel. If he is crying and you open it, he will understand very fast that he needs to cry for you to open the door. If he is quiet and lay down to sleep, let him sleep quiet.

When Shiva was a puppy, I had to sleep for few weeks in the living room with her. Until she became quiet and clean my bed was the sofa. I placed the vari kennel where she can see me on the Sofa. Then when she barked I didn’t say anything and when she stopped I waited few minutes to open the vari kennel and take her out to pee (every 3 to 4 hours) “Good Girl!”. It is important you walk your puppy at night if you do not want to have a mess in the kennel at the morning. Even if she was sleeping, I used to wake her up every 4 hours to make sure she pee. Because be certain that if she is sleeping when you wake up to walk her then she is going to pee inside in the next hours. I used to sleep with the TV turn on then she felt more secure with the noise.

I was living in a house but I didn’t wanted to leave her outside in the first weeks. She need to get use to the house first. Plus the neighbor might not like to be wakeup all night because of the puppy crying.

Do not worry… didn’t I told you that the Malinois is the smartest dog ever? He or she will learn to be clean and quiet very fast! That last only few weeks and then you will be the most happy owner for years with your Belgian Malinois. 🙂


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Get a confident puppy – perfect socialization

The sensitivity threshold of a puppy is built between 1 month and 3 months, it is necessary that during this period the puppy hear many different sounds, hence the need for farming to CDs puppies (music, noises, radio) from the age of one month, until his departure in his family who will then take over for the puppy has a good sensitivity threshold. Therefore he will filter his emotions and aggressions of life through the sensory stimuli he encounters. In general, if the puppy remains long with his mother, and she is well balanced, the puppy will have a good sensitivity, he will be fine with some events (noise of the city, train, plane, firecrackers, gunshots …).

If you decide to pick up your puppy before the age of 3 months and he has a bad sensory filter, you can progressively intervene to ensure that the puppy bears different sounds, to get to that he feel secure with the various stimuli he will encounter in his life. Use CD with household noises, noises of the city, you can help in this learning on 1-2 months.

A Hyperactive Puppy?

For a hyperactive puppy that had maternal education deficiencies, a puppy who does not know to stop, he should be taught self-control and do as the mother dog: get to 4 feet, rush over him, catch him by the neck (with your hands of course;-), flip him: the back on the back, stroke his stomach… relax…. stroke his lips, this area is where are the fibers of appeasement in order to get to the puppy really relaxes and lets himself be manipulated, it will take at least ten times a day on a minimum of one month. Which will allow him to know when to stop. By following these steps, the puppy will learn that he does not go too hard in excitement; his behavior will be regulated.

Now that I learn about that I should have done that with Sky when he was a pups, not that he is aggressive but he is for sure hyper active with his toys. Imagine that he prefer to play or train than to eat! Always…

No biting!

Biting the hand should be strictly prohibited as behaviour.

When the puppy is with his mother, she closes the mouth of the puppy with her mouth to prevent biting. A puppy learns bite inhibition with his mother, and his siblings. When a puppy bites too hard a brother this last one starts to scream aback which cause the other one to stop biting spontaneously. In his new family, you must continue to control his biting. When he bites or try to bite even for playing, close his mouth and howl acute.

If you do not teach your puppy biting the ban until the age of 3 to 4 months, the puppy has not learned to control his biting. The result is that he might nipping, damaging everything in the house, in the car (electrical outlet, chair leg, sofa, car seat, handle glass …). This behavior will put himself in danger and even later he might be uncontrollable with biting. For the puppy acquires good self-control, you must control his biting.

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Today, June 1st is a special day… This is the birthday celebration of Luca, the new owner of one of Sky & Shiva’s puppy. Happy Birthday Luca! 🙂

I don’t know too much about Luca, only what his mother, Kim, told me: he is “a responsible very respectful young man” and a “delightful son” who is passionate about Belgian Malinois. I wish him all the best with his new puppy that will be ready to pick up soon. I wanted to share here a beautiful book that Kim did as a birthday surprise for Luca, this is the most adorable thing ever!

Thank you Kim, for choosing one of my puppy, she will be a perfect companion dog and lucky with Luca! See you soon 🙂

Belgian-malinois Belgian-malinois Belgian-malinois Belgian-malinois Belgian-malinois Belgian-malinois Belgian-malinois Belgian-malinois

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puppy malinois

I have to write this article because I want Shiva and Sky’s puppies to feel happy in their new family and I also want you to be happy with your new puppy 🙂

Again, I am not a breeder but I have lots of experience in animals, dogs … I had all type of dogs and I can tell that a Malinois is very easy to train compare to other dog, for me the Belgian Malinois is the Ferrari of the dogs.

*For the new owners who plan to visit the puppy few days prior to pick him up, I recommend you bring a old towel that I can let in the doghouse with his/ her sibling and mother. Then when you pick up your puppy the towel (might be very dirty) but will have a familiar smell for him an he will feel more relax.

Pick up your puppy

What do you need?

  • Vari Kennel
  • Towels
  • Wet Wipes
  • Small container for water
  • Bottle of water
  • Leash and a Collar
  • Toys (not indispensable)

When you come and pick up your puppy, he or she might be sick in the car and vomit so if you live far away from Miami, FL, it might be better if you bring a crate. I recommend a Vari Kennel here that you can be his bed later. You can find this at Petco or other petstore for an average of $200 otherwise go on craiglist, I did bought mines on craiglist. Regarding the size, of course now your puppy is so cute and little but soon he will be big and weight around 25k / 55lbs so I highly recommend you to take a Vari Kennel size L or XL. For the travel, you can place some towel inside the vari kennel with few toys. Also you can keep the puppy on your knees with a towel if you feel that he is not sick. Always travel with plastic bag and wet wipes to clean him or the kennel (we never know).

Also if you have a long trip you can bring a small container and a bottle of water. Stop every 2 hours to give him water and let him pee in the grass of the parking with a leash.

Puppy at home

What do you need?

  • All of the above list
  • 2 dishes for water and food
  • Training pad tray
  • Pads
  • Food and treats
  • Toys

Arrived in his new home , the puppy is emotionally fragile. Be kind and patient with your puppy all over his acclimation in your home. During the first days do not scold him and do not speak harshly to him even if he made mistakes or creates a mess : in his confused step, he could learn to be afraid of vou.

Start by letting your puppy sniff and then present his doghouse or the vari kennel. Put a blanket from his old doghouse (see above*). Then let him explore his new environment at his own pace.

The puppy needs to appease himself and focus on a particular person ‘s family ( his second mother ) . This person will be give him food and to devote as much time as he/she can. Before 3 months, although the puppy has not received all of his vaccinations, you should definitely promote socialization , a key stage of learning of social life ( otherwise it will remain a fearful dog for life !). Up to 3 months , the puppy has indeed the power to learn without fear and to life elements of the world around him (living beings , images, sounds, smells … ) . Get him often and take it with you anywhere. Discover the outside world, meet people , children , other animals is essential for him.

Respect his sleep

If you have young children , it is important to teach them to respect the sleep of their new companion. Make sure they do not wake up . Contrary to babies , puppies know when they need to sleep , then , once your dog is asleep , do not bother .

puppy malinois puppy malinois puppy malinois puppy malinois

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puppy malinois for sale

Feeding puppies

Wmalinois puppies eatingith the release of milk teeth, breastfeeding becomes painful for the mother. Milk production begins to decline. It is time to offer puppies solid food, such as dry puppies food from Taste of The Wild rehydrated in a little warm water or formula (Milk replacement).

First, the puppies start mostly playing with food. It’s important to invite them for several small meals a day.

Evolution puppies

The puppy moves on its four legs. Be sure to keep very clean environment because of serious exploration period will start! The minimum temperature should be between 36 ° C and 38 ° C.


Every sense of the puppy are now well developed. It can discover new environments and new animal species. The role of the mother (or breeder if the dog can not play its role) is essential: it teaches the puppy to control its bites, to communicate with other dogs (Learning submitting expressions or appeasement).

This is when the puppy should be contacted (of course gradually) with all situations they will encounter in life: animals (horses, cows, cats, chickens …), different people (people color, children, elderly …), noisy situations (radio, TV, vacuum cleaner, car …), frequented places (railway station, market …). This phase of socialization is important for the adult dog is balanced, neither nervous nor aggressive. But I will write more about socialisation on an other post.

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malinois puppies for sale

The 12 Malinois puppies start to go in my garden, I let them in a secure crate outside when I am cleaning the room they are inside. In the evening when the weather is better and starts to cool down a little bit, I play with all of them in the garden. I make sure they will be tired enough to let me sleep a little bit at night 😉

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Puppies malinois for sale


Just to let you know, I would never imagined it would be so hard to take care of 12 cute and amazing Malinois puppies (with 2 adults dogs). So to make things clear, unless I buy a beautiful ranch with hectares of lands in the middle of nowhere (which I would love to), I won’t breed my dogs anymore. This time it was a minute of inattention of myself, and to avoid that type of situation; I will spay Shiva soon. It’s sad but that is for the best of everybody J

Again I do not recommend you mate your Malinois unless you are well prepared and you thought about all consequences for the female, the puppies and you.

  • Here, Shiva is extremely tired and skinny. Even if I give her the best food ever, triple her portions and also no matter if she doesn’t feed her puppies since they are 2 weeks and a half. So I can say that it is really affecting her health.
  • The puppies need a good environment and need to be feed, clean, raise … Then you will need to select the perfect new family for them.
  • You? You will get extremely exhausted, trust me! It is like having 12 babies at home, they cry at night because they are hungry so you need to wake up and feed them. Even if at 4 weeks they start going to the pads to pee … multiply that by 12 puppies so you need to clean, clean and clean again! Read my article : Breeding or not Breeding  your Malinois

Let me go back to the main topic of this article.

What equipment do you need to take care of 12 puppies:

  • Patience (ahah)
  • Powder puppies milk (I chose Petlac – see other articles)
  • Good puppies food (I like Taste of the Wild but I also try Acana for Sky only and It’s a very good food as well)
  • 1 baby’s bottle when the puppies are little and they cannot chew
  • 2 large plastic bowls (to feed the pups when they grow up)
  • Dog potty training bought at Petsmart – even if it doesn’t avoid them to pee everywhere (because 12 pups is a lot) it’s still better. And more healthy than News Paper!
  • Dog Pad holder – yes otherwise the pad move and you will get a ball of pad with pee everywhere around.
  • Pet Stain and Odor Remover because the smell is not the best.
  • 1 candle so I chose the soya candle then it looks more natural to me.
  • Toys because they need to play
  • Crate to keep them inside and controle where they are going
  • A mop + bucket to clean
  • Baby wipes to clean the puppies after feeding them or when they are dirty.
  • puppies malinois for sale
    Here we go, and I am sure I forgot something, so I will add it later if I think about it 🙂


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