Beware of dog

beware of dog malinois

Small dog vs Big dog biting!

I do not agree on the fact that because the Belgian Malinois is a big dog or a dog that likes biting in training, that he is more dangerous than a small dog. Actually I believe that all depends on the obedience and the training you provide to your dog. A small poodle dog not trained can be much more dangerous than a Belgian Malinois well trained! So we can leave that gossip part to the “Urban Legends”!

Biting training

Regarding my experience with my own dogs, Sky was trained with Police and I taught him to bite, which everybody around me (inexperienced friends or family) told me that I was crazy to teach him that…. I totally disagree on this point! A dog knows how to bite no matter what, it is in his instinct, so teaching him how to control his bite and stop is much better than let him experienced that by himself on the wrong person! Anyway, this was my choice. I decide to go to the most experienced trainers (police) to do that and I highly recommend to never teaching your dog to bite by yourself. It has to be always secure with a professional that have special equipment too. Besides, I decided to teach the biting to Sky when I was learning French Ring and it is an important part of this sport. By the way it is an amazing sport and I would love to do it again here in Florida. I will write about that sport another day.

A dog is a dog

That said to tell you I never had biting situation with my Malinois, Sky. But keep in mind that a dog is still a dog and you cannot force an animal to act the same way as a human. There is some situation that I understand I have to adapt to my dogs in order for them to not being aggressive: of course Sky is jealous and protective… He doesn’t like anybody to grab me or hug me too much. It even happened that he pinches some of my friends / boyfriend when they try to carry me in front of him. It is my fault! Not because he is trained to bite but because I shouldn’t put him in this situation. Then I know I have to be careful and warn my friends “do not do that, he is going to bite you”… When my Malinois, Sky, pinches somebody in this situation, I cannot be mad at him because this is his instinct of protection. He pinched them to warn. Keep in mind that a dog who wants to bite: bites! And this can be dramatic. Sky is not aggressive he is just a good protective dog.

So regarding biting I wouldn’t say that Sky who was trained for that purpose in French Ring is more dangerous than another dog that was never trained.

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