Breeding or not breeding your Malinois?

malinois breeding puppies

Why it is better to not breed your dogs?

For the female, it is now proven that a female spayed before her first heat almost never risk of developing mammary tumor (a leading cause of death in the dog).

Also, a sprayed dog will never be subject to very uncomfortable nerve lactations or to metritis which the consequences can be extremely serious.

Moreover, at least to exercise supervision at all times during the heat of your dog, you’re never safe from a misalliance. You soon realize that the cost of injections to abort your dog eventually exceed the price of a single sterilization.

Therefore, if you do not want to let reproduce, made neuter your dog from the age of 6 months! This will avoid many inconveniences for the future …

Regarding the male, castration is not commonly practiced, yet it has only advantages. The neutered dog is calmer and less runaway. This does not mean that the castration is the cure for all behaviors problems! Neutering also prevents infection of the prostate same as testicular tumors, common in older dogs.

Then you  need to think about million of dogs that are abandoned every year. Would you like one of your puppies to suffer of that or be the victim of mistreatment? I would not recommend to breed your dog if he is not pure breed or have any papers.

Despite that, if you still take the responsibility to breed your Malinois, see some advices below:

Advices prior to breeding:

Breeding is an amazing experience however you should know that it is costly and time consuming.

  1. It is better to do a health test with your veterinary. This test cannot be certified until the dog is at least 2 years old.
  2. Before this age it is not recommended to breed a dog because the female might not have the maternal instinct to properly raise a healthy litter. With no maternal instinct, she will not take care of her puppies and then you will have to replace her yourself. So it is very important that the female is mature both physically and mentally before having pups.
  3. The Malinois is a working breed, it is incredibly important to work and title your dog prior to breeding, in one of the venues the breed excels at – herding, Schutzhund, ringsport, any of those.

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