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Shiva was born on 1st January 2015 in Miami, her mother is an “American” Belgian Malinois owned by a policeman in Miami (Florida) and her father is a famous Belgian Malinois imported from Belgium (ahah!). I already had Sky when I decided to own an other Malinois and I didn’t wanted to neutering my male so it was more convenient to take a female. Furthermore one day, I would love to have a puppy of my Sky so I needed to pick up a very pretty female 😉

When I got Shiva it was last year in March, she was 3 months, I found an ads online saying that they had purebreed Malinois, you can also see the breeder on this website of Civil Dog Group. The price was more expensive than in France but she was so amazing! How did I choose her? I went to see the litter and she was the one who followed me everywhere and sit on my feet. I remembered her sitting in front of me and other puppies trying to come to me but she wouldn’t let them come to me. So here I wouldn’t say that I choose her but mostly that she choose me. I also believe that this is the dog who choose his owner because the feeling of the dog is better than ours. They won’t choose us because we have beautiful hair or because we look more dominative no they choose us because they feel us which is more reliable than our judgments.

My advice to you here would be, let the dog choose you.


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Sky Malinois Domino Du Domaine de Seugidor

When you read everywhere that the Malinois is an hyperactive dog, I have to confirm and agree 200%! Of course it depends on the personality of the dog you choose, some might be more quiet than others however even if they look quiet and so cute when they are puppies, soon you will see that they are full of energy.

Here when I say : Sky the full power of the Malinois, I am not kidding, he is amazing! He never stops. Which worries me, by the way, because when we go bicycle I am always worried that he stops with a heart-attack or anything so I always have to slow him down and make sure he walks instead of running and running and running.

So you understood that he loves running. It is not the only thing because when we are at home “quiet” if he has his Kong toy, he never stops as well. Which means I really have to hide it otherwise he bring it in front of me or worst to my guest until I or they play with him. And don’t worry, if you don’t put attention to him, he is going to place the toy directly on your feet!

I bought him 2 kong toys, the Kong Extreme that I should fill with treats but I did only once and they I didnt do it anymore because I found it nasty when the food stay several days, chew, inside a plastic toy in the house. He also have the Kong Ball to play outside in the garden. These 2 toys are his favorite toys ever! Oh yes I forgot, do not let your malinois with a regular ball, soccer, tennis or whatever…. The Malinois have a strong and powerful jaw and he will destroy it. So the only toys I feel secure with are the 2 kong I told you. Then I can leave him alone all day with these 2 toys without being worried of him swallowing peaces of toys or ball he would have destroyed and not worry about bringing him to veterinary for  intestinal occlusion. Also no need to pick up little peaces of plastics everywhere in the garden. Talking about intestinal occlusion, I just have a friend with a cat that paid $2000 for removing it a peace of plastic. So I wonder how much it will be for a dog? Anyway since I am here in USA I noticed that veterinary are so expensive and not really reliable, but that might be the topic of an other article.

That been said, I advice you to entertain your Malinois a lot and if he doesn’t know when to stop just make sure he is not giving tones of energy for hours.

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shiva the protective belgian malinois

You already know that Shiva was born from a Malinois police dog, so obviously she would have some characteristics of a police dogs… Here she is: Shiva is the protective Belgian Malinois by excellence.

When I choose her what I noticed is that she wouldn’t let any other of her brothers or sisters come to me.  Then as soon as I got her, she was 3 months and I started to socialise her, which it’s essential for a Malinois and if you don’t want any trouble with your dog (I will talk about that in an other article).

I used to bring her everywhere (restaurants, beach, stores…) and I had the chance to be allow to bring her at the office which I have to admit was very convenient for me to always keep an eye on her. However I was so close to her that it might be what bring her so protective. Several time her personality came out: protective and dominative .

For exemple since she is a puppy, she doesn’t like people that she doesn’t know to touch her, she would have growl at them or even bite them. I recall, she was still a puppy (4months) I was at restaurant on the terrasse and somebody try to sit on the table behind me,  here Shiva jumped, barking and ready to bite! I stopped her at few inches of the poor lady who didn’t wanted to hurt me but was getting ready to sit and have a peaceful diner… This time was when I decided to be very careful with her. So now I always take a muzzle with me when we go out. I explain to people she doesn’t like to be paddle by unknown.

Even with me, when she was still little, one time, she had done stupidities in the house so I was mad at her then she started growling and staring at me !! Right away I took her by the back of her neck and put her back down, when your dog is dominative he cannot dominate you. You have to set up the hierarchy, like a wolf pack.  It doesn’t mean you have to be violent, never! It means you have to understand the personality of your dog.

Then if you scare of being bite, do never adopt a dominative dog because even with the sweetest Malinois it can happen. Which by the way happened to me only few weeks ago, with Sky when he jump on the food of Shiva and in front of her I tried to pull Sky out of the dish from the neck… It was my fault I put him in a dominative position when I always try to place him as a dominant in front of Shiva. Anyway it was just a pinching. If a Malinois wants to really bite you, you can say bye to your arm or your hand.

This to say that Shiva is not a bad dog, she have her personality and I believe that as soon as you respect your dog and establish clear rules at home everything will be fine.


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Sky was born on 28 September 2008 in France at a famous breeder : Domaine de Seugidor. When I bought him, on 21st December 2008, he had the name of Domino du Domaine de Seugidor. His father, Tourbillon du Domaine de Seugidor is a very famous winner of several French Ring competitions in France. His mother is Una du Domaine de Seugidor and the breeder told me that she was very sweet.

Sky puppysky puppy

This is the only pictures I took from my Sky when he was a puppy. Even if these pictures are very blurry, it is a great reminder of his cute face when he was so little.

sky puppy malinois sky puppy malinois

He was only 2 months when he became my Sky.Today after learning a lot about Malinois and dogs, I can tell that 2 months is  too early for a puppy to be separate from his mother and other sister and brothers. Anyway I decided to change his name for Sky and try to raise him the best I can.

At the beginning we didn’t have a very peaceful life. My poor little Sky had very bad time because his tail was broken in an accident. Most veterinaries told me that the best decision I could make would be to let them cut his tail!They said that there were no hope for him to recover the full mobility of his tail… I couldn’t resigned myself. Imagine my poor little Malinois with no tails?I didn’t believe those veterinaries and I made the choice to took him to the best Surgeon Osteopath in Lyon city. Thanks to him today my Sky is perfect.  He fixed him!  I also have to say that he requires a lots of attention and nursing from my side when we were at home. The veterinaty told me that the nerves of his tail were broken but few months later Sky recover the total mobility of his tail and today he looks like nothing never happens to him.

Maybe it was a Miracle? I believe when you are a good person or a dog, good things happens to you. And I can tell that my Malinois, Sky, is the sweetest dog I never had. I love him so much.

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