Puppies for sale

puppies for sale

Puppy Evolution – 2 weeks puppies for sale

On the 10th day, puppies start opening their eyes, some have it totally open and some are lazier. Their ears are starting to become functional (they hear certain sounds).

The impregnation period beginning: the presence of his mother and siblings, the puppy gradually realizes membership of the canine race. He learns to behave like a dog. If unfortunately the puppy is orphaned, or is the only puppy in the litter, the breeder has a key role at this time, since it will socialize the puppy (play with him, put him in touch with ‘ puppies …).

On my side, I noticed that they do little noises and even some try to growl or bark, this puppies for sale are so cute.


On the 15th day, it is time to think about worming the dog and puppies. Internal parasites can indeed be transmitted during breastfeeding.

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malinois puppy for sale

1 week puppies: The primitive reflexes

When the puppy is born, his nervous system is totally immature. It owes its survival to the presence of his mother and 4 reflex called “primitive”:

  • Rooting reflex that drives the puppy to find the hottest places of the nest (the body of the mother or his sisters/brothers)
  • The suck reflex, through which the puppy knows suck and feed,
  • Perineal reflex that allows the puppy to eliminate the stool and urine when the mother dog licks their bellies and the area under the tail,
  • The reflex that encourages the puppy to not move when his mother grabbed him by the scruff of the neck.

The puppy is blind and deaf at birth. However, his sense of touch is well developed, which helps to find the teats of his mother, and he feels the sound vibrations.

On the 5th day, the puppy carries its weight on the front legs and begins to crawl.

Can you communicate with a puppy during the first two weeks of life?

No. We have no possibility for them to know us during their vegetative stage because they can not see us, smell us, even if we touch, weight them and so on.

Certainly, they can smell our scent, but it is like nothing compare to the smell of milk. It does not interest them, as well as the smell of the towel that lines their case or their brothers / sisters who represent for them a part of their nest until the age of 15th to 16th days. Then they begin to perceive them as other living beings.

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Belgian Malinois Puppies

On 22nd April 2016 –

As a owner of 2 belgian Malinois dogs (the female and the male), I have to say that this is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me! Lots of work but … So cuuuute ! 😀

Newborns puppies: dependant of their mother

First, the puppy, barely out of the membrane begins to seek the breast.

Then, the puppy remains inert a moment before going into business; he tries to reach the mother’s body, but could not find the breast and to start suckling he must be attached to it; or he starts to suckle and then stops;

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