Essential equipment when you have 12 Puppies at home.

Puppies malinois for sale


Just to let you know, I would never imagined it would be so hard to take care of 12 cute and amazing Malinois puppies (with 2 adults dogs). So to make things clear, unless I buy a beautiful ranch with hectares of lands in the middle of nowhere (which I would love to), I won’t breed my dogs anymore. This time it was a minute of inattention of myself, and to avoid that type of situation; I will spay Shiva soon. It’s sad but that is for the best of everybody J

Again I do not recommend you mate your Malinois unless you are well prepared and you thought about all consequences for the female, the puppies and you.

  • Here, Shiva is extremely tired and skinny. Even if I give her the best food ever, triple her portions and also no matter if she doesn’t feed her puppies since they are 2 weeks and a half. So I can say that it is really affecting her health.
  • The puppies need a good environment and need to be feed, clean, raise … Then you will need to select the perfect new family for them.
  • You? You will get extremely exhausted, trust me! It is like having 12 babies at home, they cry at night because they are hungry so you need to wake up and feed them. Even if at 4 weeks they start going to the pads to pee … multiply that by 12 puppies so you need to clean, clean and clean again! Read my article : Breeding or not Breeding  your Malinois

Let me go back to the main topic of this article.

What equipment do you need to take care of 12 puppies:

  • Patience (ahah)
  • Powder puppies milk (I chose Petlac – see other articles)
  • Good puppies food (I like Taste of the Wild but I also try Acana for Sky only and It’s a very good food as well)
  • 1 baby’s bottle when the puppies are little and they cannot chew
  • 2 large plastic bowls (to feed the pups when they grow up)
  • Dog potty training bought at Petsmart – even if it doesn’t avoid them to pee everywhere (because 12 pups is a lot) it’s still better. And more healthy than News Paper!
  • Dog Pad holder – yes otherwise the pad move and you will get a ball of pad with pee everywhere around.
  • Pet Stain and Odor Remover because the smell is not the best.
  • 1 candle so I chose the soya candle then it looks more natural to me.
  • Toys because they need to play
  • Crate to keep them inside and controle where they are going
  • A mop + bucket to clean
  • Baby wipes to clean the puppies after feeding them or when they are dirty.
  • puppies malinois for sale
    Here we go, and I am sure I forgot something, so I will add it later if I think about it 🙂


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