First days with your puppy

puppy malinois

I have to write this article because I want Shiva and Sky’s puppies to feel happy in their new family and I also want you to be happy with your new puppy 🙂

Again, I am not a breeder but I have lots of experience in animals, dogs … I had all type of dogs and I can tell that a Malinois is very easy to train compare to other dog, for me the Belgian Malinois is the Ferrari of the dogs.

*For the new owners who plan to visit the puppy few days prior to pick him up, I recommend you bring a old towel that I can let in the doghouse with his/ her sibling and mother. Then when you pick up your puppy the towel (might be very dirty) but will have a familiar smell for him an he will feel more relax.

Pick up your puppy

What do you need?

  • Vari Kennel
  • Towels
  • Wet Wipes
  • Small container for water
  • Bottle of water
  • Leash and a Collar
  • Toys (not indispensable)

When you come and pick up your puppy, he or she might be sick in the car and vomit so if you live far away from Miami, FL, it might be better if you bring a crate. I recommend a Vari Kennel here that you can be his bed later. You can find this at Petco or other petstore for an average of $200 otherwise go on craiglist, I did bought mines on craiglist. Regarding the size, of course now your puppy is so cute and little but soon he will be big and weight around 25k / 55lbs so I highly recommend you to take a Vari Kennel size L or XL. For the travel, you can place some towel inside the vari kennel with few toys. Also you can keep the puppy on your knees with a towel if you feel that he is not sick. Always travel with plastic bag and wet wipes to clean him or the kennel (we never know).

Also if you have a long trip you can bring a small container and a bottle of water. Stop every 2 hours to give him water and let him pee in the grass of the parking with a leash.

Puppy at home

What do you need?

  • All of the above list
  • 2 dishes for water and food
  • Training pad tray
  • Pads
  • Food and treats
  • Toys

Arrived in his new home , the puppy is emotionally fragile. Be kind and patient with your puppy all over his acclimation in your home. During the first days do not scold him and do not speak harshly to him even if he made mistakes or creates a mess : in his confused step, he could learn to be afraid of vou.

Start by letting your puppy sniff and then present his doghouse or the vari kennel. Put a blanket from his old doghouse (see above*). Then let him explore his new environment at his own pace.

The puppy needs to appease himself and focus on a particular person ‘s family ( his second mother ) . This person will be give him food and to devote as much time as he/she can. Before 3 months, although the puppy has not received all of his vaccinations, you should definitely promote socialization , a key stage of learning of social life ( otherwise it will remain a fearful dog for life !). Up to 3 months , the puppy has indeed the power to learn without fear and to life elements of the world around him (living beings , images, sounds, smells … ) . Get him often and take it with you anywhere. Discover the outside world, meet people , children , other animals is essential for him.

Respect his sleep

If you have young children , it is important to teach them to respect the sleep of their new companion. Make sure they do not wake up . Contrary to babies , puppies know when they need to sleep , then , once your dog is asleep , do not bother .

puppy malinois puppy malinois puppy malinois puppy malinois

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