Few hard weeks for several years of love!

puppy malinois


Potty Train your puppy

The first week are hards, get ready to clean and clean and… clean!

Do not get angry with your puppy if he poops or pee in the house – it might feel threatened . Whenever possible, teach him quickly to the outside. You can start with Potty-pads and also take it out every hour, especially when he wakes up, after every meal and after playing. Reward with lots of hugs whenever he or she poops out and always say “good boy/ good girl”. If you need to leave him alone and you do not have a choice, let the potty-pad sor educational mat for puppies close to his doghouse then move it everyday, little by little close to the outside door. When they were puppyn Sky and Shiva learnt very fast to be clean, however I woke up several time at night ( put my alarm clock every 3 hours) to take them out.

Puppy crying at night

Be ready to not sleep well the first weeks! This is like having a baby … Put your puppy to sleep after diner, playing and walking out…

I recommend that you get your puppy used to be in the Vari Kennel. It needs to be place close to you with toys in a place where he can see you doing some activities (kitchen, living room…). Start to place him few minutes in the Vari Kennel, then if he is quite, open the door and let him out… Repeat this action few times little by little and longer everytime.

Your puppy needs to understand that his Kennel is a secure place for him. If he doesn’t want to go inside, place some food or toys to attract him and let the door open. Sometime redo the same action with foods or toys but close the door few minutes… And always let a towel with the smell of his old doghouse or a clothes with your smell inside.

The first nights, the puppy will be very noisy: bark and cry at night. Do not open the kennel when he is crying, never! Always wait that he is quiet to go and see him or open the kennel. If he is crying and you open it, he will understand very fast that he needs to cry for you to open the door. If he is quiet and lay down to sleep, let him sleep quiet.

When Shiva was a puppy, I had to sleep for few weeks in the living room with her. Until she became quiet and clean my bed was the sofa. I placed the vari kennel where she can see me on the Sofa. Then when she barked I didn’t say anything and when she stopped I waited few minutes to open the vari kennel and take her out to pee (every 3 to 4 hours) “Good Girl!”. It is important you walk your puppy at night if you do not want to have a mess in the kennel at the morning. Even if she was sleeping, I used to wake her up every 4 hours to make sure she pee. Because be certain that if she is sleeping when you wake up to walk her then she is going to pee inside in the next hours. I used to sleep with the TV turn on then she felt more secure with the noise.

I was living in a house but I didn’t wanted to leave her outside in the first weeks. She need to get use to the house first. Plus the neighbor might not like to be wakeup all night because of the puppy crying.

Do not worry… didn’t I told you that the Malinois is the smartest dog ever? He or she will learn to be clean and quiet very fast! That last only few weeks and then you will be the most happy owner for years with your Belgian Malinois. 🙂


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