The Belgian Malinois also called Malinois and often confused as a German Shepherd is an excellent police dog, protection dog and companion for the family.

Short origin of the Malinois:

At the end of the year 1800, there was in Belgium a large range of dog drivers herds with heterogeneous type, various colors, coats, morphology and a wide variety of hair structure. The first selections were places in the years 1885.

September 29, 1891– Official creation of “Belgian Shepherd Dog Club.” It is also this year that Professor Adolphe Reul of Cureghem Veterinary Medical School organized a large gathering of 117 dogs. This will be the launching of the selection.

April 3rd, 1892 – Publication of the first standard for the breed club. It was decided to group 3 varieties as the Belgian Shepherd: the long hair, short and hard, without distinction of color.


In 1898 – the Belgian Shepherd Long-haired and black is called “Groenendael” from the Castle’s name of his main owner.


At the same time, in the Royal Castle of Laeken, the Belgian Shepherds tawny-haired are named “Laeken”.


Shepherds shorthaired from the Malines region are called “Malinois”.






Belgian Shepherds long hair and high fawn by a brewer in the town of Tervuren, take the name of this county

In 1901: The first Belgian Shepherds were registered in the Book of Origins of the Royal Society St. Hubert (LOSH), the equivalent of LOF and around 1910 the type and character of the Belgian Shepherd was already set and well defined.

In 1969: First Malinois in France ring champion.

In Belgium they recognize the 3 varieties as a Belgian Shepherd dog however in USA, the American Kennel Club (AKC) only the Groenendael is recognized as a Belgian shepherd. The Malinois (Belgian Malinois), Tervuren (Belgian Tervuren) and Laeken are recognized as individual breeds.

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