How to make your Malinois happy?


If he might not look like much, the Belgian Malinois is capable of anything, the Malinois is the undisputed master of all sports and utilities. He will never be a fashion dog but he will always be the loyal companion of the sportive hobbyist, from dressage hobbyist, military, policeman or fireman, always ready to defend or save lives.

His dog sports reputation and incorruptible police dog must not forget that the Malinois is especially true companion of man. He lives for his owner. Simple winks, the smallest voice solicitation, any master gesture is immediately interpreted as communication opportunities of great intensity.

Very attentive and vigilant, his sense of ownership and courage are very pronounced, this makes him an excellent watchdog. If he has to be reactive to intruders, it does not mean to be aggressive with visitors. He must be sociable and balanced. With children, he is a patient and affectionate companion, never tired of playing. Temperamental dog, the Malinois request a trainer who will educate him firmly while respecting its sensitivity, it goes without saying that he needs a energetic owner.

Active, lively, the Malinois is a dog who want and need to care. Real working dog he can be satisfied with a disorderly life. He lives at 100 miles an hour and you have to follow!

The Malinois is the quintessential working dog. Versatile, he can do anything, voluntary, he wants everything.

The Malinois is the undisputed king of the ring, he climbs on the podium in all disciplines to bite.
With great flair, he has excellent results in tracking test but also humanitarian research. Within the army, it is often chosen for the search for missing or to find possible explosives or drugs.
Accomplice and energetic, he can give a lot in agility, he has enough to compete with all the dogs of his size. In musical canine freestyle, it is sufficiently agile and cunning to make all the choreographies that pass through your mind. Finally, flyball frisbee as he shows his athletic potential in his desire to play and running.

1 word to make him happy: entertainment !

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