How to take care of the Mother dog after whelping?


Feeding the dog

The dog may lose its appetite for 48 hours after the birth of her puppies. Shiva never feels not eating … which it’s a good thing because even in action (when she was giving birth) she ate!

Following the advises of my favorite breeder (I talked about here here), the first week I gave her a very healthy and protein food:

  • Usual dry puppies food (I choose Taste of The Wild and talked about it here )
  • Boiled Yams or Pumpkin
  • Rice – because the first week she has diarrhea which it’s the normal consequences of eating placenta of puppies
  • Boiled chicken breast
  • Puppies milk replacement – I use Petlac Milk Powder for puppies Shiva loves it J

Then, milk production and feeding puppies requires a very large amount of energy and proteins. At peak lactation, that is to say 3 to 4 weeks after birth, the dog must eat 2-3 times (and up to 4 times for large breed dogs that have had a large litter) with respect to its basic ration. A mother dog, multiplied her protein needs by 4 or 6.

To meet the nutritional needs of a bitch nursing, you need to provide her specific and adapted foods.

With Puppy Milk Replacement and puppy food, you optimize milk production of the bitch, which ensures good health and good growth puppy. The dog stays in shape and doesn’t need to draw on her reserves to feed her puppies.


That is the bad part of having a litter is that the first weeks your bitch is still going to loose blood for some weeks. If the smell is bad or your female looks really tired, doesn’t want to eat, consult a veterinary in urgency. Here my only advise is get ready with a mop. Also you can clean her coat with hot water and a clean tissue. For cleaning and odor, I use a stain and odor remover spray before and after mopping: NATURE’S MIRACLE™ Hard Floor Cleaner Dual Action Pet Stain & Odor Remover and I like to always light a candle made from soy wax that I bought at wholefood or even Yankee candle.

To have healthy puppies keep in mind that the mother health is first also she needs your reassurance and attention as much as the pups.

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