Malinois physic and characteristics


Coat colors

In France, the single Malinois coat is rich fawn to mahogany, with black tips on the hairs, as well as black ears and mask.  The coat of the Malinois is short, tan and sometimes sprinkled with gray overlay. His mask is always black. However this can vary:

malinois physic

1st photo: the coat can go with red tones
2nd picture: Or go to the lighter tones, more “sand”
3rd picture: The amount of black overlay can be important
4th picture: Or unimportant or even with no mask
5th picture: The tones can go to gray

In Belgium the black coat is recognised by the NVBK.

Malinois physic

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois physic has harmonious proportions. He is rustic, but medium proportions. Often compared to the German Shepherd, he is much lighter, more flexible and smaller than the German Sheperd. The average male is around 62cm / 24in, while the female is around 58cm/ 22in. Weight level, the male is generally between 25kg / 55lbs and 35kg / 77lbs, the female is lighter.

His head is fine, well chiselled and long without exaggeration. For the vast majority, they have dark brown eyes that contrasts somewhat with their dress. As for the German Shepherd, his ears are pointed, triangular and erect, and usually dark colored (often black). Its tail is full and carried low, hanging when the dog is at rest and raised when in action.


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