My experience in Malinois breeding


Here I wanted to share my  own and first experience in Malinois Breeding:

Let me explain you, how I came to write about Malinois breeding without being in this field and being a professional breeder.

I am passionated about Malinois, for me they are the smartest dog ever. So you already know that I have my 2 pure breeds Malinois, Sky (Domino du Domaine de Seugidor) a male from France and Shiva a female from Miami FL. Read the About Section to know more.

Therefore everything that I write here is based on my experience with my own Malinois, advises that I received from breeders, trainers and my knowledges from reading and looking for information everywhere.

Sky is 8 years old already and I planned to breed him to have a puppy of him with Shiva for myself. I planned that for later, in 1 or 2 years, not now! Anyway, what happened, happened and today I assume the beautiful concequences!

The first time Shiva was in heat, I was very well organised to separate them and make sure to always keep an eye on them. But, the second time, Sky was uncontrollable….. it took only 5 minutes of inadvertence from me and that was done. They were glue!

Here are the pictures of my 2 Malinois Mating. I took it to send to my professional contacts to ask “what should I do? “ I wanted to stop them! I was not ready for raising puppies now… But let me tell you, do not ever try to separate them it can be dramatic for both of them with chirurgical problems. So now, let’s say that those pictures are a reminder of the day they conceive their first litter. On 21st of  February 2016, Sky & Shiva mating … Such a surprise!

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