Overview of the Malinois personality

Sky Malinois du domaine de seugidor

The Belgian Shepherd has an amazing personality, he is a dog vigilant and active, full of vitality and eager to move on the action. With the innate ability of herdsman, he joined the valuable qualities of the best guard dog for the property. He is, without any hesitation, the obstinate and ardent defender of his master. He meets all the qualifications to be a sheepdog, a guardian, protection and service dog. He is lively, alert temperament and assured character, no fear or aggressiveness, should be visible in the attitude of the body and the proud attentive expression of his sparkling eyes. It will reflect the character “calm” and “Bold” in judgments.

The Malinois has a personality to learn very quickly and wants to do well. Very responsive to orders, it is the perfect partner for those who dream to invest in obedience. However do not to imagine that the Malinois taught himself; lots of new owners are very demanding with the dog, sometimes a little impatient. Some fail to contain his energy. The Malinois can do great things, but not without the help of his owner!

The brutality and screams can create big damages on his character and make it aggressive or fearful, everything must go through respect and mutual trust. It is important to socialize him by regularly taking him to the city , in puppy school or other public places. He must be able to meet all kinds of people and deal with various situations. His education must be undertaken immediately upon arrival at home. Basic obedience is generally rapidly acquired. It is an intelligent dog who wants to do well.

If he does not learn is that you have bad taught him!

Concentrated with high memorizing skills he learnt fast several orders, it can however quickly been tired of too repeated exercises. Up to you to make each education sessions interesting and not bore your dog with sequences of 20 positions following.

While accuracy and speed of execution are impressive in competition, you need to realize that all this requires hours of work and a great consistency.

No doubt that with motivation and the right methods you will get great results with your Malinois.

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