Puppy socialization and the sensitive period



Get a confident puppy – perfect socialization

The sensitivity threshold of a puppy is built between 1 month and 3 months, it is necessary that during this period the puppy hear many different sounds, hence the need for farming to CDs puppies (music, noises, radio) from the age of one month, until his departure in his family who will then take over for the puppy has a good sensitivity threshold. Therefore he will filter his emotions and aggressions of life through the sensory stimuli he encounters. In general, if the puppy remains long with his mother, and she is well balanced, the puppy will have a good sensitivity, he will be fine with some events (noise of the city, train, plane, firecrackers, gunshots …).

If you decide to pick up your puppy before the age of 3 months and he has a bad sensory filter, you can progressively intervene to ensure that the puppy bears different sounds, to get to that he feel secure with the various stimuli he will encounter in his life. Use CD with household noises, noises of the city, you can help in this learning on 1-2 months.

A Hyperactive Puppy?

For a hyperactive puppy that had maternal education deficiencies, a puppy who does not know to stop, he should be taught self-control and do as the mother dog: get to 4 feet, rush over him, catch him by the neck (with your hands of course;-), flip him: the back on the back, stroke his stomach… relax…. stroke his lips, this area is where are the fibers of appeasement in order to get to the puppy really relaxes and lets himself be manipulated, it will take at least ten times a day on a minimum of one month. Which will allow him to know when to stop. By following these steps, the puppy will learn that he does not go too hard in excitement; his behavior will be regulated.

Now that I learn about that I should have done that with Sky when he was a pups, not that he is aggressive but he is for sure hyper active with his toys. Imagine that he prefer to play or train than to eat! Always…

No biting!

Biting the hand should be strictly prohibited as behaviour.

When the puppy is with his mother, she closes the mouth of the puppy with her mouth to prevent biting. A puppy learns bite inhibition with his mother, and his siblings. When a puppy bites too hard a brother this last one starts to scream aback which cause the other one to stop biting spontaneously. In his new family, you must continue to control his biting. When he bites or try to bite even for playing, close his mouth and howl acute.

If you do not teach your puppy biting the ban until the age of 3 to 4 months, the puppy has not learned to control his biting. The result is that he might nipping, damaging everything in the house, in the car (electrical outlet, chair leg, sofa, car seat, handle glass …). This behavior will put himself in danger and even later he might be uncontrollable with biting. For the puppy acquires good self-control, you must control his biting.

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