Shiva the police dog


Shiva was born on 1st January 2015 in Miami, her mother is an “American” Belgian Malinois owned by a policeman in Miami (Florida) and her father is a famous Belgian Malinois imported from Belgium (ahah!). I already had Sky when I decided to own an other Malinois and I didn’t wanted to neutering my male so it was more convenient to take a female. Furthermore one day, I would love to have a puppy of my Sky so I needed to pick up a very pretty female 😉

When I got Shiva it was last year in March, she was 3 months, I found an ads online saying that they had purebreed Malinois, you can also see the breeder on this website of Civil Dog Group. The price was more expensive than in France but she was so amazing! How did I choose her? I went to see the litter and she was the one who followed me everywhere and sit on my feet. I remembered her sitting in front of me and other puppies trying to come to me but she wouldn’t let them come to me. So here I wouldn’t say that I choose her but mostly that she choose me. I also believe that this is the dog who choose his owner because the feeling of the dog is better than ours. They won’t choose us because we have beautiful hair or because we look more dominative no they choose us because they feel us which is more reliable than our judgments.

My advice to you here would be, let the dog choose you.


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