The Miraculously cured Malinois puppy

Sky was born on 28 September 2008 in France at a famous breeder : Domaine de Seugidor. When I bought him, on 21st December 2008, he had the name of Domino du Domaine de Seugidor. His father, Tourbillon du Domaine de Seugidor is a very famous winner of several French Ring competitions in France. His mother is Una du Domaine de Seugidor and the breeder told me that she was very sweet.

Sky puppysky puppy

This is the only pictures I took from my Sky when he was a puppy. Even if these pictures are very blurry, it is a great reminder of his cute face when he was so little.

sky puppy malinois sky puppy malinois

He was only 2 months when he became my Sky.Today after learning a lot about Malinois and dogs, I can tell that 2 months is  too early for a puppy to be separate from his mother and other sister and brothers. Anyway I decided to change his name for Sky and try to raise him the best I can.

At the beginning we didn’t have a very peaceful life. My poor little Sky had very bad time because his tail was broken in an accident. Most veterinaries told me that the best decision I could make would be to let them cut his tail!They said that there were no hope for him to recover the full mobility of his tail… I couldn’t resigned myself. Imagine my poor little Malinois with no tails?I didn’t believe those veterinaries and I made the choice to took him to the best Surgeon Osteopath in Lyon city. Thanks to him today my Sky is perfect.  He fixed him!  I also have to say that he requires a lots of attention and nursing from my side when we were at home. The veterinaty told me that the nerves of his tail were broken but few months later Sky recover the total mobility of his tail and today he looks like nothing never happens to him.

Maybe it was a Miracle? I believe when you are a good person or a dog, good things happens to you. And I can tell that my Malinois, Sky, is the sweetest dog I never had. I love him so much.

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