How to train your dog to like water?


If you are the lucky owner of one of my puppy you should not really worried about that because the puppies are used to water since they are little. I use a baby pool in the middle of the garden then when it is too hot (Miami summer !) they go by themselves in the pool and it is very funny to see.

I did welcome one puppy of the litter in my family, I couldn’t hold myself … They are so cute and I love them so much! His name was Milan and now he is Manzo. So I will have 2 malinois males and 1 female: Sky, Manzo and Shiva. It might look too much for some people 3 big dogs, but honestly 2 or 3 dogs it is quite the same.

So for the beach I train myself my new puppy and I should say that I was really impressed by his behavior, he is a warrior nothing scare him! He followed me little by little in the ocean and even swim with his little feets… Adorable! But I know that it is only the first time and I will have to repeat that situation several to make sure he is confident in water.

Tips to get your puppy becomes water friendly:

1.You need to familiarize gradually the dog with water. No way to splash upon its approach because your puppy will negatively associated water. The first experiment must be absolutely positive to evolve in the following steps .

2. Start up close to the water with encouragement, your dog might seem not very enthusiastic. If your 4 legged companion has a very hesitant behavior, then do not hesitate to slow down the learning , and repeat the first step later.

3. The next step is to dip your dog’s paws in the water without forcing him. Leave him quietly test the water by moving progressively with him. Feel free to encourage by offering some tasty treats or a floating toy.

4. Having successfully managed to make him put his legs in the water, you can just walk into the water. Remember that you are supposed to be the leader of your dog . You are the one who secures who shows the example to follow and rewards in good times . This is how your dog will be more relaxed and comfortable with the water. Talk to him with a soft voice ( ” good boy” ) and move forward little by little in the water and do not try to go too fast.

5. When your dog’s feet leave the bottom of the water for the first time , get ready to analyze his reaction. Some dogs might begin by panic with a lack of technique then splash with the front legs , which drains quickly their body energy. If you see that he is doing great and his a good swimmer, then praise him ! Otherwise , place a hand at the chest and the other under the belly of your dog. Walk with him now and support him until he is comfortable to manage swimming without your help. If he starts to swim by controlling , release him slowly.

A dog life jacket

 The dogs have no concept of depth , so for her safety , I recommend you to equip your companion in a life jacket for dog especially if you go in the middle of the ocean. It is not because he is a dog that can not flow .

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer of faintness such as cramps … and even the best swimmers are not immune, so keep a very watchful eye.


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